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our story

Blooming Tulip Events is a collective of creative and wellness experiences curated for Muslims. 

With our busy days of ticking things off our to-do lists, it becomes easy to forget ourselves in the process. And since our bodies and minds are an Amanah (trust) from God, we’d love to help you take care of yourself again. Through our experiences you’ll discover your creative spark, refresh your mind and body and connect with your community.

our name

A blooming tulip signifies the arrival of Spring – a time of renewal and hope. 

And similar to how a tulip blooms in the Spring after losing its flowers and being underground in the winter, we want you to experience the feeling of blooming again, of rising above your daily stressors and of connecting with yourself and your community.

our founder

Salam, I’m Sadiyya.

Last year I embarked on a self care discovery journey. After committing myself wholeheartedly to motherhood for 5+ years, I was mentally and physically drained. I needed an outlet to rejuvenate myself. But I realized there were not many options geared towards me as a Muslim woman. And so with wellness, creativity and community in mind, the idea for Blooming Tulip Events was born.

The sentiment I want guests to feel is that they’re having an experience rather than just another workshop. An experience of a renewal of their creative and wellness mindset. And to achieve this, we collaborate with Muslim artists, creatives and experts to lead our events. So come bloom with us!